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駭人聽聞! Hyperbation! 是一個跨學科藝術實驗項目,由英國建築聯盟學院校友強家棟和英國格林尼治大學校友謝明炫發起。



Hyperbation is formed by Pete Jiadong Qiang and Mingxuan Xie as an art duo.

Hyperbation is a series of multi-reality architectural experiments located between physical and virtual spaces, which expands the notions of gamification, hyperisation and hyperlocalisation. It constantly investigates and practices of cultural and technological tools to the ultimate limit. This ''Maximalism'' approach strives for an alternative hyper nature.

Hyperbation tries to create new architectural onto-epistemology that erases the physical-virtual boundary and introduces a hyper-indexical design research approach on contemporary art, architectural, anthropological and technological media practices.


Digital Earth Fellowship: Hyperbation will investigate three specific geographic locations in China that each present a specific type of excess: the Hyper-Religious Body in the Dunhuang Caves, Gansu, the Hyper-Gastronomical Body in Chongqing, and the Hypersexual Body in Beijing. Each offers an expansion of the Maximalism research approach they explore within their practice, based on visual excess. By conducting field work at these sites, they hope to redefine the spaces around the human body in order to ultimately lead them to the ‘#HyperBody’ – a multi-reality space that mediates between the physical and virtual spheres. They intend to build on their knowledge of the intersections between architecture and the internet, as well as the creation of digital spaces, by consulting digital anthropologists and also architectural and design theorists.

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