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Queer Maximalism Manifesto for the Hypertired


Hyperbation 駭人聽聞 x Shaonan Xi


Beijing, 20th, March, 2019

Queer Maximalism Manifesto for the Hypertired is an spatial experimentation about hyperisation and gamification under techno-Orientalist contexts by Pete Jiadong Qiang and Mingxuan Xie (Hyperbation).

超亢奮超疲憊的酷兒極限主義宣言是由強家棟和謝明炫(駭人聽聞 Hyperbation)在技術東方主義語境下發起的超鏈接化和超遊戲化的空間實驗。

Queer Maximalism Manifesto for the Hypertired proposes that hyperisation is a process of hybridising non-homogeneous physical and virtual spaces. It deploys gamification to translate multiple game culture into a physical context and vice versa in order to accelerate the dissolution of physical and virtual spaces.


The Queer Maximalism Manifesto for the Hypertired engages with techno-Orientalism of new media representations to support the encounter of technological and cultural productions specifically within an Asian framework and expand the effect of schizophrenic significations of anime, comic and games.

超亢奮超疲憊的酷兒極限主義宣言處理的是新媒體再現的技術東方主義,來支持技術和文化在亞洲框架內的生產,並擴大動畫,漫畫和遊戲 (ACG)的分裂意義(schizophrenic significations)的影響。

The Queer Maximalism Manifesto for the Hypertired regards all ideas above as potential raw materials and aims for a Maximalism to the maximal text, digressing, referring and elaborating on Maximalist sound, which takes as much space as it can be rather than as little as one can get away. Within this #HyperBody, a new architectural space of queer futures emerges.

超亢奮超疲憊的酷兒極限主義宣言將上述所有的想法都視為潛在的原材料,旨在將極限主義用於最大限度的文本,離題、參考和闡述極限主義的聲音,它占據的是盡可能多而不是少的空間。在這個 #超體 中將誕生一個嶄新的酷兒未來的建築空間。

Part 1: Queer Maximalism SKIN Manifesto


Hyperbation Digital Tribal Terror Set.


Headdress: Maw of Cleopatra’s Hyper Game / Trousers: Max Payne in 2027 New York City / Trainers: Club Arcadia Extravaganza / Weapon Controller: Thirst of Akira / Offhand Controller: Furyblade Hotline Miami / Drone: Fragment of Evangelion Unit-01 / Sensor: Debris of Starcraft Siege Tank Cannon.

頭巾:埃及妖後的超遊戲之喉 / 褲子:麥克斯佩恩2017年紐約 / 武器:亞基拉的渴望 / 副手:邁阿密熱線的狂怒之劍 / 無人機:EVA初號機碎片 / 傳感器:星際爭霸攻城坦克炮彈碎片

Note: This queer Maxiamlist future requires no contribution of code, so that you can participate in it without having any coding skills. It helps you learn the whole process of cloning a Hyper-sexual Body. Of course, you need to prepare a cross-dressing photo first.


Part 2: Queer Maximalism ARCHITECTURE Manifesto


Blank body in combination with an architectural surround constitutes an architectural body / all is in place to amplify and augment a person in her spontaneous coordinating of landing sites / the movement and power of the sexual body generates landing sites / landing sites always in conjunction with the sexual body / always formed by the sexual body / always in the service of the sexual body / if the sexual body proper loses its bearings within this hyperspace / It’s up to all the landing sites arrayed throughout the entire interior of the volume plus the body proper / functioning palpably in combination as a Hyper-sexual Body / imbalance / life-threatening danger and absolute chaos.

空白的身體與建築環境相結合構成了一個建築身體 / 一切都是為了放大和增強一個人在她隨性而定位的著陸地 / 性體的運動和能量生成這個著陸點 / 著陸點始終與性體相連接 / 總由性體形成 / 總為性體服務 / 如果性體在這個超空間內失去其軸承 / 它取決於整個體積內部排列的所有著陸點加上身體本身 / 結合起來作為一個超性體有脈搏地運轉 / 不平衡 / 威脅生命的危險和絕對的混亂。

Part 3: Queer Maximalism ESTROGEN Manifesto


The Candies: Aldactone, Androcur, Progynova and Marvelon


Male to Female (Yaoniang) Community (Tieba), Baidu, China, 2019:


“That’s me, I didn’t know about Tieba. I started searching for these Candies on the Internet, it said that these can reduce my sexual desires. I am a person with strong sexual desires. I have been eating for a while and my sexual desire has decreased, but no, it may be just a psychological change. Although the goal is achieved, I don’t want to reduce my dose. I feel that’s very indulgent. After eating the Candies, I feel a lot better and I am much more cheerful than before, I don’t want to stop the Candies, because I don’t want to go back to the state of sullenness, uncomfortable, taking Candies is better, I feel good, maybe the ultimate goal for me is just to change my mood. I still don’t know why I am doing this… “

“我就是啊,我一開始沒有接觸貼吧,我一開始是在網上搜這些藥物,網上說這些藥物可以降低欲望,我本身是欲望較強的人,我吃了一段時間性欲望降低了基本沒有了,可能是心理上的改變吧,明明目的達到了但是我不想減少藥,感覺還越吃越想吃了,吃糖之後我心情好了不少,也比之前開朗了許多,所以我不想停藥,因為我不想回到悶悶不樂的那種狀態,難受,吃了藥還好受一點心情好,或許我吃藥的最終目的只是改變一下心情吧,我也不太清楚我的目的是啥 …… ”

“Is there any asexual MTF? I have been eating Candies for a year and a half since the age of 16. Everyone said that the ultimate goal of MTF is to change the gender, but I don’t agree, I just want to take the Candies. Is this a kind of abnormal psychology? Am I a shemale without transsexual operation? I am confused and want to find someone similar to talk to… ”

“話說有沒有無性戀藥娘。我十六歲吃了一年半的藥了,都說藥娘的最終目的就是變性。但我覺得我吃藥並不想變性。但我就是很想吃藥。這是病態心理麽。而且如果最後不做手術是不是就是人妖啊。不男不女……有點迷茫想找個同類一起聊一下 …… ”

“In the third month, a girl who is generally eating a lot of Candies should not be able to get erected. You will feel particularly lonely this month. It is best to find something to do! To be honest, for me, eating Candy is just a spontaneous idea, but then it’s not bad, at least you don’t have to find a wife in the future. You can save a lot of money”


Part 4: Queer Maximalism HYPERBODY Manifesto


Starcraft Sarah Kerrighan: psychic Terran female infested by the Zerg Swarm and transformed into the Queen of Blades / Scarlett: Canadian professional Zerg player: the only transgender foreign hope challenging the hyper-masculine pro Starcraft world / Overwatch Tracer: first official LGBTplayer character / Ghost in the Shell Motoko Kusanagi: non-binary fluid body and network transformation / the body without organs / Knights of the Zodiac androgynous Andromeda Shun / pink / shocks and chains / Beast Wars Tigerhawk: male transformer Tigatron merged with female transformer Airazor / most powerful organism / JX3 Hashashin / Zoroastrianism / Esotericism / Body of non-yin and non-yang / Triumph Against Dragon King Prince Nezha / Chinese androgynous / gymnastics routines and self-assured demeanour / a form of posed athleticism / Rupaul vs. Beijing Opera / local drag queen / educating its participants on its conventions and history remains a challenge.

星際爭霸莎拉·凱瑞甘:遭蟲族俘獲並感染的人類女幽靈特務,成為了刀鋒女王 / 嘎姐 Scarlett: 加拿大職業星際爭霸蟲族玩家: 希望挑戰超男性的職業星際爭霸世界的唯一跨性別選手 / 守望先鋒獵空:第一個官方LGBT角色 / 攻殼機動隊草薙素子:非二元性別的肉體與網絡的交換體 / 沒有組織的身體 / 聖鬥士星矢仙女座青銅聖鬥士瞬 / 粉 / 星雲鎖鏈 / 變形金剛野獸戰爭虎鷹:男性變形金剛白虎和女性變形金剛飛箭的合體 / 最強機體 / 劍網3阿薩辛 / 襖教 / 密教 / 非陰非陽的身體 / 哪咤鬧海 / 中國式的雌雄同體 / 體操的動作和自信的舉止 / 一種姿勢性的運動特質 / Rupaul vs. 京劇 / 本土變裝皇後 / 教育參與者關於變裝的慣例和歷史仍是一個挑戰。



Exploring in and out of diverse spaces and scales of Queer Maximalist HyperBody, when you are Hypertired, please take your VR headset off and have a rest with your cross-dressing.